This came to me in a dream last night. #whatthe  Love this sleepy little bugger  Pretty sure I’m gonna start going to the gym in Haverfordwest - anyone else go there? Think I’m going to need some study buddies. P.s. This is an appropriate outfit, right?      A beautiful hidden gem in Fishguard - and my first visit to @ffwrn - lush chai tea too, taking me right back to @greenmanfest - seek it out, friends! x  Well done for getting through this year everyone! If you have high spirits to share - give it out to those in need ❤️ love to you all xxx
 Happy birthday to my little sister @jade_slu ❤️  ♪♫♬ @tychomusic   I love this every time. Makes me feel like we all came from the sun.      I’m truly delighted to be playing this show in support of #WillyMason - perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! ♥
 You can’t beat a good chair - but you’re welcome to touch it up with your butt  Can’t decide if I’m a bath person or a shower person but it’s all about the towelzzz #hotshower #bodybuzz #towelstyle  A very short while ago, I produced some artwork for an incredible band called Fossil Collective. Here’s the artwork, and the song ‘waves’ can be heard here in all it’s glory: Enjoy! x    Vestapol tuning. Practicing the hesitation blues. Then bath. It’s what Sunday’s are all about. #vestapol #opend #hesitationblues #sundayfunday #fender #telecaster #aer  Is there enough love for everyone? I think so. If you’re running low, hit me up. ❤️